Transfer Shares Agreement

PandaTip: You can start the pages of this agreement to make sure the calendar can`t be changed later. While Part B intends to transfer all shares held by Songyuan City Liuhe Co., Ltd. (the “Liuhe”) to voluntary and equal negotiations between the parties, the parties conclude this agreement on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding which was executed on 26.03.2011 (the LOI), contract law, corporate law and other related laws and regulations. The share transfer form (also known as a share transfer instrument) is a standard document required for the transfer of shares in a company. It is used when a shareholder intends to sell or transfer its shares to another party. The two main classes of shares that can be transferred are: 1.1 the assignor transfers in absolute value all the shares to the purchaser, taking into account this amount mentioned in point 2. It describes the information provided by the party that sells or transfers its shares to another (the assignor), the amount of shares to be transferred, the cost or value of each share, the company, its shares, etc. PandaTip: This schedule should include all shares or shares transferred under this share transfer agreement. When shares or shares are transferred to more than one company, they should have their own line in a table such as the one below. They should present the transferred actions in the most detailed way possible. Try to include the class of shares, the face value of the shares and their payment. Some examples are cited below: On the basis of the principle of equality, in the transfer of 13% of the shares of Zhejiang Hongzhan New Materials Co., Ltd.

(hereafter referred to as “company”) in a friendly consultation for the transfer of 13% of the shares of Zhejiang Hongzhan New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “company”) in part A to Part B , the parties agree: 5.11 The securities contained in this share transfer agreement are included only as an editorial reference and are not part of the share transfer agreement. 5.13 In the event that a clause (or part of a clause) is found to be unlawful or invalidated by a competent court or other legal authority, this has only the effect of nullity and absence of that clause (or part of a clause) and will not invalidate that share transfer contract entirely. 3. COST OF TRANSFER It is agreed that the registration fee for the transfer of the shares (if any) will be borne by the purchaser. 6. VARIATION This share transfer agreement may be amended and any changes must be made in writing by both parties. 5.8 Each party ensures that it does not take any action that could affect, obstruct or affect the obligations of the other party set out in this share transfer agreement.

THE CÉDANT wishes to transfer the shares to the purchaser on the terms set out in this share transfer agreement.