Back To Back Contract Agreement Sample

To avoid such a situation, the principal contractors must ensure that the subcontracting has shorter notification times than those provided in the main contract, in order to ensure that the principal contractor has sufficient time to forward a subcontractor`s application to the employer. In addition, the subcontractor should require the subcontractor to provide exactly the same information about the right that the principal contractor must provide under the main contract. “services,” any work performed by subcontractors in accordance with this agreement, in accordance with the mission order, as well as equipment used by subcontractors in carrying out their mission obligations. Back-to-back construction contracts are quite common, especially for large projects. Large international projects usually require the participation of many participants. Each of these participants has a different ability to contribute to different aspects of the project. After notification to subcontractors, Prime may change all mission order requirements for un delivered services and/or delivery items. If such an amendment has a reasonable impact on the price or schedule, the subcontractor will notify Prime within business days [NUMBER] and the parties will negotiate a fair adjustment of royalties, royalties and/or schedules and make appropriate changes to the order of the actual tasks. Prime is not required, with respect to the subcontractor, to make changes to a mission order that have not been approved in writing by Prime. Depending on whether it is the primary contractor or the subcontractor, the way in which these concerns are addressed may vary.

In general, there are important provisions of a principal contract that a party wishes to include in a return agreement, including data and delivery items (including reports), termination times and obligations related to the provision of goods or services or the dates of application of claims arising from the main contract. The current legislation. The parties strive, in good faith, to resolve by mutual agreement all disputes that may arise between them in the context of this agreement. The above requirement does not exclude any of the parties seeking appeals consistent with the judgment, as it considers it necessary to protect its own interests.